confident – the code to living a life on fire

let’s get you off of the roller coaster
and confident in having abundance in all areas of your life.

I have followed Anthony on social media for a couple years prior to requesting to join his group. Biggest thing I noticed was the caring attitude he has and the consistent posting and consistent behavior he displayed not only on social media, but also on our 1st one on one coaching call to see if the group would be a good fit

Luke Ronk


It starts and ends with the 5 F’s

  Fitness, Finances, Family, Fun and Faith

Most people will read that list and say ” I am good in ALL of those areas.”  Most people will take a step back and think about that answer and realize that they probably have one area that is on fire and four that are struggling.  Maybe your fitness is on fire but you don’t remember the last time you went on a date with your spouse.  So, BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER, let’s agree that we will be honest with how we feel we are doing in those areas.


What does your body look like?  Simple question, when you get out of the shower and look in the mirror do you smile?


What does the bank account look like?  Are you stressing to pay bills each month?


If I asked your kids, mom or dad, what type of person you are, what would they say?


When was the last time you legitimately had fun?


What is your spiritual relationship like?

I was looking at this picture below the other day and it had me reflecting on my personal journey. Social media is a funny thing these days. It allows people to share their highlight reels. It allows us to live vicariously through others achievements while not dealing with our own lives. People see the man I am today and may not see all the work that went into become the Anthony you see now.

It’s funny how things come full circle. In my 20’s I was fake confident. I thought I knew it all, had the world by the balls, and didn’t need to grow, improve, and build on my skills. Thats why I went to college.

I didn’t need to do anything but let each day come to me and I would tackle it head-on. I told myself I was working hard by putting in long days but I only did what came naturally to me. nothing extra, nothing out of my comfort zone, nothing consistent or ritualistic.

Little did I know that this was a broken mindset. Then when things would go wrong I had the victim mentality I like to call “Why me” Syndrome? or I sometimes call it “Just my Luck” syndrome.

Fast forward to 2010, my beautiful wife Kylee and I had been married for 4 years but I felt us growing apart. We knew we wanted a family and both felt that starting our family would make things better between us. So when our first daughter was born it felt like Kylee’s only priority was her and not our marriage (I blamed her for our issues).

It didn’t help that we were living paycheck to paycheck and in serious debt with no light at the end of the tunnel or a plan of action to dig our way out. I wasn’t being the provider or protector that the man of the house should be.

I was tired and out of shape with no real purpose. I would get up late every day with just enough time to shower and throw on my shirt and tie for my corporate banking job and then grab a Mcdonald’s breakfast in the drive-through on the way. Many days I was late!

Then after work, I would come home, eat dinner with Kylee and Sawyer, do bed and bath and then go zone out watching a few episodes of whatever reality trash tv show was popular at the time. No quality time with Kylee and no purpose in life. I was just going through the motions. I was stressed, depressed, jealous of all the success my college buddies were having, and had lost all the confidence I had built up into my 20’s.

Investing in a business together with every last penny we had some a bunch that we didn’t have to start a business.

The last decade has been a helluva journey. Broke and Broken. Living paycheck to paycheck with over 70k in credit card debt. Struggling in my marriage and just going through the motions in life with no light at the end of the tunnel and no plan to get out.

My relationship with my gorgeous wife was in shambles. Parenting our oldest daughter seemed to take priority in our life along with starting a new business as business partners, our relationship as husband and wife took a distant back seat.

This all changed for me when, after almost giving up on giving our oldest daughter a sibling because of fertility issues we found out my wife was pregnant with twin girls. I knew that I couldn’t continue down the path I was on. I had to make some drastic changes and I had to do it immediately. This meant I needed to re-engage the one superpower we all possess. It was buried back in my 20’s and the only way to find it again to take back control of my life.

if you can relate to that story, it is time to step into your power , take a step into a confident lifestyle

Great story anthony but what did you do to “fix” things?

If you are reading this far, something obviously resonates with you.  Let me give you a little more background on where I was versus where I am now.  I was the classic pretender.


30 lbs overweight with a triple chin


Stressed, depressed, and jealous of everyone else's success. Pissed at the world and blamed everyone but myself for what I had allowed myself to become - I had a Victim mentality but lied to everyone about my lifestyle


$70k in credit card debt while living paycheck to paycheck with no intent or game plan to dig myself out. I thought this was the life that had been chosen for me


Intimacy issues with my wife - we went over a year without having sex at one point - My daughter didn't know me because I wasn't spending quality time to get to know her. I was barely going through the motions as a husband and father


I spent my weekends getting wasted with my supposed friends. If I wasn't hungover all on Saturday and Sunday my weekend was a failure. I lived for the weekends and dreaded Mondays


Date nights and starting family traditions weren't something even on my radar.

what does my life look like now?


I'm now in the best shape of my life at age 40 and for the first time in my life I have a 6pack. I have come to realize that there is no finish line to fitness, This shit is for Life!! I'm focused on my #FitGrandpaGoals, walking each of my daughters down the aisle and running routes for my Grandson QB, and having tea parties with my granddaughters


Our marriage is on fire and passionate again. Flirting, laughing, surprises, and weekly date nights with my wife and daughters with 7 different trips already planned and paid for at the beginning of the year


I have 3 growing businesses and we are living in our dream home. I have more focus and determination to build big shit than I ever thought possible. I'm all in!


Family traditions and date nights. Focused on making memories and enjoying our life to the fullest.


I have a newfound passion for helping people more than ever before. It's my goal to help others find there hidden superpower - Self-confidence and use it to build their very own - LIFE ON FIRE!

Watch the interview below for more details

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